using the enligh table The growing availability of large displays enabling multiple simultaneous inputs provides affordances for new visualization and interaction techniques: this promises to affect the way in which people collaborate.

With The EnLighTable we explore the effect of co-located layout design in graphic design advertising agencies. It is an appliance for a touch sensitive table-top display enabling multiple graphic designers to simultaneously manipulate pictures of a shared collection, and rapidly draft and edit simple page layouts.

screenshot - selecting a photo The mutual visibility and awareness of others' design is expected to enhance discussion and collaboration in the early stage of layout-design and pictures-selection for editorial material. We implemented a prototype of the interface in Macromedia Flash to exchange ideas and demonstrate the interactive scenario to designers of advertising agencies in order to receive their feedback and assess the potential of such an appliance.

screenshot - manipulating a picture The User Interface supports re-orientable visualization of shared picture collections, and bi-manual interaction. The tools are represented in such a way to suggest affordances for gesture based manipulation.

The Enligh Table is also presented in a short Video.