building the common timeline VideoEdiTable is a project, in which the video editing is examined as part of an active collaboration. The motivation was the use of creative teamwork, in which each team member can participate equally. Therefore a suitable user interface for a tabletop situation was designed, in order to work individually as well as together on a common editing project.

The target group of the work are teenagers, shooting videos of skateboard tricks with their mobile phones. They are bound to a common editing project by the wish to publish one video. The playable and mechanical interface design should enforce the creativity. It makes possible to connect or disconnect the individual scenes, simply reorganize them, trim them or change the volume. The work area extends thereby freely over the entire table. A virtual monitor can be exchanged among the team members. A central plate serves all clips for the equal access and turns the content toward the active user.

bimanual interaction for cutting and changing speed The use of two-finger interactions connects the experience of the virtual collaborative video editing with well-known experiences by physical metaphors. Thus the clips with a two-finger interaction are cut similarly the use of shears. Same applies to the change of speed or the rotation and scaling of the virtual monitor with the help of it's both handles.

hybrid tool for changing the volume The use of a hybrid tool for extended functions, like the keyframe-based change of volume and trimming of the clips offers an additional abstraction level for complicates functions. This reduces the cognitive load during the creative teamwork.