Instrumented Building

The instrumnented building will be constructed prototypically from two instrumented rooms with aconnecting hallway. It allows to investigate interaction techniques without the need for proximity, visibility or accessibility of all displays involved. At present, an instrumented room and a hallway are set up in the SFB 378 Project EM4 (REAL).

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The displays and sensors of the instrumented building are basically the ones contained in its different rooms. A new aspect is introduced by the mobility of displays, such as PDAs or laptops between physically remote sites. In contrast to the instrumented room, not all displays are visible or accessible anymore. The display continuum is interrupted and the building has to be seen as a collection of separate display spaces. This implies different interaction techniques, for example involving passenger objects [Streitz et al., 2002]. The instrumented building can also support the task of navigating to specific rooms or displays. This navigation task creates a direct relation to rthe scenarios considered in SFB 378.