Publications in 2004

Andreas Butz, Michael Schneider, and Mira Spassova:
SearchLight - A Lightweight Search Function for Pervasive Environments
In: Proceedings of Pervasive 2004, Springer LNCS
Available as abstract and PDF
Search light project page

Michael Schmitz:
SAFIR: A Spatial Audio Framework for Instrumented Rooms
In: Proceedings of ITI04: Workshop on Invisible and Transparent Interfaces, held at Advanced Visual Interfaces 2004, Gallipoli, Italy, 2004
Available as PDF

Andreas Butz, Markus Groß and Antonio Krüger:
TUISTER: a Tangible UI for Hierarchical Structures
In: Proceedings of IUI 2004, January 13-16, 2004, Madeira, Funchal, Portugal
Available as abstract and PDF
TUIster project page

Andreas Butz, Antonio Krüger, Markus Groß:
"Eingabe- und Ausgabeeinheit für Informationen"
Deutsches Patent Nr. 10341045, Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt, 21.12.2003