Publications in 2003

Andreas Butz and Antonio Krüger:
A Generalized Peephole Metaphor for Augmented Reality and Instrumented Environments
In: Proceedings of The International Workshop on Software Technology for Augmented Reality Systems (STARS), Oct. 7, 2003 in Tokyo, Japan
Available as abstract and PDF

Andreas Butz, Markus Groß and Antonio Krüger:
TUISTER: a Tangible UI for Hierarchical Structures
In: Proceedings of PI03: Workshop on Real World User Interfaces, held at Mobile HCI 2003, Udine, Italy, 2003
available as abstract and PDF
TUIster project page

Christian Kray, Antonio Krüger, and Christoph Endres:
Some Issues on Presentations in Intelligent Environments, European Symposium on Ambient Intelligence, Eindhoven, Netherlands, Nov. 3-4, 2003
Available as PDF

Christoph Endres:
Towards a Software Architecture for Device Management in Instrumented Environments
Doctoral Colloquium at Ubicomp, Seattle, Oct. 12-15th 2003. Adjunct Proceedings pp. 245-246
Available as PDF
Device manager project page

Rainer Wasinger, Christian Kray and Christoph Endres:
Controlling Multiple Devices
Physical Interaction (PI03) Workshop on Real World User Interfaces, pp. 60-63
Available as PDF